All quiet on the home front…

The weekend deluge of tourists has (mercifully) moved on.

The place was crawling with rug rats this weekend, and this morning one kid had a meltdown at breakfast. Needless to say the parents did nothing about it, so I had one of the girls bring me a coffee in the lobby until the brat and her incompetent parents moved on.

It’s sunny and warm just now (75, feels like 82) but rain is on the way, plus a storm warning for tomorrow (possibility of tornadoes). Wisely, I think, I did my beer run yesterday, so I’m set until at least Friday–but that depends on the weather forecast. So far it’s tolerable, i.e. 68s, but it is what we get with it that determines whether it’s a nice day.

Here’s an example of how we are over-taxed in Canada. Last evening my dinner tab came to $11.00-and-change. In Canada the HST would have been $1.43. I paid $0.72 (roughly half!) Oh, and beer is $3.00 per bottle, retail.

More next time.

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