Someone turned off the tap…

But they’re being a little overzealous with the blow-dryer.

Altogether we got a little over 2″ of rain yesterday, but it suddenly quit. And now we have 10 m.p.h. winds. Anyway, it all amounts to an uncomfortable day for anything but working inside.

The place is still crawling with rug rats. I don’t know where they’re coming from, but there had to be a dozen-or-so at breakfast. One kid had a voice that could silence a canon. I’ve never heard a three-year-old that could holler like this kid, and he could talk a blue streak as well.

So far today I have putzed about with small jobs that I wanted to get done–like update my “Stop The Bull” blog. Ma Bell, that money-grasping old witch, has raised the monthly cost for cell phones, and all finance minister Flaherty can do is wring his hands. When people as me if I’m retired, I answer ‘No’ I have a full time job: protecting what little I have from thieves and government, and I don’t make much distinction between the two!

Off to work. More next time.

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