A decent day…

Quite nice. Low 70s, but with a cool breeze. It’s nice to see the temps moderating to the north as well. I see Urbana even has a 61 for Friday.

Made a beer run today. On the way I pass the hotel where I first stayed, and they are starting to add the siding now. Quite a nice change from what it used to appear, but without Sluggers it just won’t be the same.

I’ll keep it in mind for next fall, but just out of curiosity. I doubt they will be willing to make much of a deal. This renovation/re-build must be costing a bundle. I would be quite willing to come back here as well. It really is an excellent hotel, with great people, but with the dollar at $0.88 cents (thanks to those idiots in Ottawa) it’s getting expensive. Leave it to government to be a pain in the butt.

I started a new FB page, today: “Gerry’s Curmudgeon Page.” My regular page started censoring my posts, and so dusted my feet of that one.

More next time. THINK SPRING!


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