Sunny, but with a cool breeze…

The forecast for today is for 77F, but whether it will feel that way is the question. I’ll try to get out beside the pool later on, anyway. After all, the time is ticking away, and with the predictions of a late spring I want to take advantage of it while I’m here.

There are a couple of buses parked outside, which probably means there are a hoard of kids someplace. Yikes! I know there is a batch of them scheduled for Sunday. However, they’re generally gone by the time I get around to breakfast.

[I just saw a Ford Falcon convertible go by with Ontario Licence plates. My goodness, I haven’t seen one of those since the 70s!]

Believe it or not, I’m behind in my work and scrambling to catch up. I owe a whole batch of acknowledgements to those who have written for reviews, and I’m behind in posting my bookkeeping accounts. However, if I catch up on them I fall behind in my writing or reading for my book review. Fortunately, I keep three or four novels ahead, so if I miss the deadline with one I have a backup with another. [You’ve gotta have a backup!]

Today it’s writing all day.

More next time.

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