A truly Florida day!…

This is the first day that I can truly say, “Ah, this is Florida.” I’m sitting beside the pool in my shirt sleeves, and it is comfortable. About the only problem being, that I only brought one beer with me. Usually, when it’s cool and my kidneys are reacting, I have to run back and forth to my room, but I may have to make a trip just to pick up another beer before I’m finished.

For a weekend the hotel is fairly quiet. There is only one other person out here with me. No kids, thank god!

Tomorrow (Sunday) I am having brunch with Joe and Karen from Sluggers. They are dear friends of mine and I am so looking forward to it. We are meeting at the Raintree, which is another treat. It serves a lobster bisque that is to die for, plus the surrounding is so pleasant–an original 19th-century plantation house.

Now, back to work. More next time.

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