It’s spring break…

A.k.a. – “Bedlam!”

The place is crawling with rug rats and Hispanics. Question: Why is it that Hispanics have the most children and the least discipline?

From my experience I don’t like them as a culture. They generally tend to be loud, pushy, and rude. This morning I was waiting in line to get into the restaurant when a woman and kid walked right past me to take a seat. I don’t know what she thought I was doing waiting in front of a sign which read “The hostess will seat you”.

Then, there was this old war horse who interrupted me speaking to the waitress as if I wasn’t there, so I promptly told her to wait her turn. She swore at me in Spanish, and her ‘delegation’ glared (they always travel in delegations), but I had had enough of their ignorance.

I see the north-east is getting walloped again; this time with 40 and 50 m.p.h. winds! Yikes. This winter sure has been a two-tone bitch. At home it’s still in the teens, with one day warming up just long enough to rain, but I’m glad to see some 50s in Urbana. We had a wicked wind overnight, but today is cool (50s) with sunshine.

I have one more project to complete before I get back to writing.

More next time.

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