This is a bonus day…

The forecast was for rain, which is scheduled for later and overnight, but, although breezy, it is beautifully warm and sunny. I’m sitting by the pool working.

Remember me saying that the CDN dollar tends to plunge every time I have to pay out a great whack of USD currency? Well it happened again–to the tune of about $600 currency exchange. Grrr! It’s Flaherty’s revenge for calling him a political hack and corporate lackey. Now it’s Oliver’s turn, but since he’s cut from the same cloth I don’t expect any change.

The place is crawling with rug rats, has been all week, and it will probably be worse with the weekend. Yikes. Breakfast is like a zoo–and that’s just the parents.

Can’t believe there is just a bit over a month until I head home, so try to get rid of the snow before than. 🙂

More next time.

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