Today is International Women’s Day…

How many a) know there is an International Men’s Day? and b) the date?

When I was researching this point I discovered that none other than the Director of WOMEN AND CULTURE OF PEACE, Ingeborg Breines, said of IMD, “This is an excellent idea and would give some gender balance.” She added that UNESCO was looking forward to cooperating with the organizers.”

Hmm … Do you get the sense that she was overly enthusiastic about the idea?

Anyone interested in a movement to save the tiger? 🙂

Sunshine at last, but cool. However, tomorrow promises to be more seasonal, i.e. 70.

I spent the day writing, and I’m about to go back at it.

More next time.


Dreary, dreary, dreary…

But, thankfully, the end is in sight. Tomorrow there is some sunshine in the forecast, and by Sunday we should see a 70. By Florida standards this has been a cool winter, and certainly the coolest I’ve seen.

I seem to be falling apart. First I battled a tooth ache, which–touch wood–has settled down, and last night I picked at a blemish on my ear and started it bleeding. I had to sleep with a band aid on it so I wouldn’t get blood on the pillow case. Fortunately, it has dried up, too.

Today being Friday, the tourists should start arriving–although the parking lot is quiet a present. Spring break is coming up, too, so the place will probably be crawling with rug rats. The hotel is very good, however, because it tends to keep these upstairs. I even heard one desk clerk say he didn’t but ‘screaming kids’ beside seniors. My kind of thoughtfulness, for certain. That sort of thinking comes from maturity.

It’s back to writing for the rest of the day. The two boys have been at odds for the past couple of days (a love/turmoil-type-of-thing), but now they are just getting back together–stronger, of course. I’m also introducing one of the mythical villains–“Nass-a-geyiel” the ‘trickster’ raven. He is an enemy of the two boys for something that happened centuries before in their reincarnated past. So you can understand why the writing is so tricky, trying to hold all of this together.

Therefore I will get back at it. More next time.

Another dreary day in the 50s…

It’s probably connected to that big storm out of California, but it has been rainy and cool here since Monday. However, the good news is that we are to return to ‘seasonal’ weather on the weekend.

Spent the day catching up on small jobs–like posting an update to In Praise of Canadian History, and updating my bio. So far my tooth is holding fire, and since I have used the last of my penicillin I’m hoping it holds off until I get home. However, I somehow think that’s wishful thinking.

There is one benefit to this inclement weather: I’m getting lots of writing done. Not racking up the pages, but making steady progress. It’s one of those story where you are always working on the edge, so there is no race to the finish line.

Hope all is well with everyone.

More next time.

PS: My Canadian friends might be interested in my recent posts to ‘Stop the Bull!’

Dreary day…

The weather is up and down like a toilet seat. Yesterday was close to 80, and today is in the 50s. However, these gloomy days assure that I stay inside and work.

The recalcitrant tooth seems to have settled down. I have been on a penicillin regimen for the past three days, which seems to be working. I am going to use all the penicillin I have to make sure the infection is gone. Also stepping up the hygiene, and hopefully that will get me through until I get home.

A bus load of rug rats arrived yesterday, but fortunately they are keeping them on the third floor. Otherwise the hotel is busy with people escaping the dreadful conditions up north. Most of these are pleasant, but invariably you get an old crab. One old biddy was giving the waitress a hard time over the ‘complimentary’ breakfast.

With some rooms the hotel includes a breakfast. It’s in the price of the room, of course, but they call it ‘complimentary’ just the same. Well, this old gal was haranguing the waitress on the point. Moreover, she went on and on even after the waitress told her to take it up with the front desk. Talk about driving the knife in and twisting it.

I haven’t seen many Canadian licence plates, though.

Wisely did my beer run yesterday, so I should have enough until the weekend.

More next time.

Another nice-looking day…

But cool. The official temp is 75, but there’s a cool breeze that keeps the comfort-index on the edge. Tried to work beside the pool, but it was just to cool.

The northland is still in the minuses (i.e. -11F overnight) or being socked with snow. Contrary to popular opinion I’m not escaping his winter because I just now paid my snow-removal bill of $375, and the hydro bill is due tomorrow. I have no  idea what it will amount to, but I’m expecting $300+. As I have said many times before, winter is just one cold, inconvenient, unhealthy and expensive season.

Yesterday my tooth decided to really act up, but fortunately I travel with a supply of penicillin, so today I’m starting to get it under control. I’ll keep dosing it until I’m sure the infection is completely gone. After that, if it flares up again, I’ll have to find a dentist down here. I don’t know whether that’s covered under my health insurance or not. It should be for $1,300 bucks!

It’s beer-run-day tomorrow, because the rest of the week is cool and rainy. It’s also brook review day, so I won’t get too much writing done.

More next time.

Well, it’s official…

‘Misery Index’ confirms this has been one of the worst winters ever.

98-vehicle pile-up on 400 HWY, Ontario.
98-vehicle pile-up on 400 HWY, Ontario.

According to the U.S. National weather service this has been the worst winter on record for many municipalities, and there`s more on the way!

It’s a beautiful, sunshiny day here, but although the official temp is 71F, a stiff breeze is keeping the comfort index down. I tried going out earlier day, but it was just too cool.

Well, I finally hit the penicillin. The tooth wasn’t that painful, but I could tell it had some infection that was draining into my system, and so I gave in. It’ll be gone in a couple of days.

There must be a re-enactment going on over at Ponce de Leon park because I can hear the canons and muskets being fired. It’s officially known as ‘The Fountain of Youth Park,” and it is quite an interesting and colourful affair. They even have a flock of peacocks wandering around. They can fly up on the wall easily enough, but they tend to stay at home.

peacock fan

Not much more news so I’ll get back to writing.

More next time.