Brunch at the Reef Photos…

Yesterday some friends and I spent an enjoyable two hours over brunch at the Reef Restaurant in Vilano Beach. The company was great, and the food and setting were first rate.

Of course I trook my Camera along, and here are some mementos I captured:

Left to right: Me,  Joe, Brian, Karen, Kay & Lyle
Left to right: Me, Joe, Brian, Karen, Kay & Lyle
"Budies": Left too right. e, Me, Lyle, Joe.
“Budies”: Left too right. e, Me, Lyle, Joe.
Brian and Karen
Brian and Karen
Karen, Kay and Lyle
Karen, Kay and Lyle


Brian, looking pensive.
Brian, looking pensive.


Vilano Beach with the Reef in the background.
Vilano Beach with the Reef in the background.
Vilano Beach along the deck, with Karen, Brian, and Joe looking on.
Vilano Beach along the deck, with Karen, Brian, and Joe looking on.
Kay, Me, and Karen on the beach.
Kay, Me, and Karen on the beach.
Kay, Lyle, Brian, Karen and Joe with ocean in background.
Kay, Lyle, Brian, Karen and Joe with ocean in background.
Same as above, but showing the walker (which I don't think too many have seen.)
Same as above, but showing the walker (which I don’t think too many have seen.)
Reef - me solo
Me looking windblown but happy!


It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood…

Almost perfect, I would say. Temps climbing to the mid 80s, with just enough breeze to make it comfortable.

I’m already out in my sport by the pool before the horde of tourists arrive for the weekend. A group of about 200 high school and elementary kids just left. Yikes: loud, arrogant, self-centred–and that only describes and parents and chaperones. This kids were worse.

If our children are our future, then we are in serious trouble.

I did a beer run yesterday. It was a perfect day for a stroll, and I did it quite smartly. The workmen, etc, all get a kick out of me carry a case on the seat of the walker–tied down with bungy cords. I always tell them, “Where there is a thirst, there is a way.”

The socket where the tooth came out is still a bit tender, but it has healed over entirely. Therefore, there is no chance of a dry socket.

Heard there was 18″ of snow in Thunder Bay, yesterday. Yikes! Hope things are settled by the time I get home.

Writing today.

It’s beautiful day…

The good Florida weather is starting to kick in, at last. 85 today, and 88s by the end of the week. Needless to say, I’m working by the pool today.

My healing is progressing very quickly. Already the socket has closed in, so barring any unexpected complications I should be back to usual by Sunday. The adjusted, lower plate fits very well, too.

It’s mid-week, so the tourists won’t arrive until Friday. Therefore I have the hotel pretty much to myself. Still, there are some characters.

A couple came in for breakfast and sat in a closed area, at a table for six–It was her choice because the husband merely followed along. Then, she started nattering at him. “You don’t care about me,” she said at one point. “Youve never cared about me.” ┬áThen, “do you know how much I’ve suffered? No, you don’t know how much I’ve suffered because you don’t care for me. You’ve never cared for me,” etc.”

The upshot of it all was that she was going upstairs to pack.

There’s never a dull moment when you live at a hotel. ­čÖé

More next time.

The extraction went well…

Both of the tooth and my pocket-book: $725 (not including the exchange rate.)

Nonetheless it was painless, and it will never bother me again.

I’m glad I wrote my book review yesterday because all I want to do after that is relax. The sad part is I can’t have a beer until tomorrow, and, of course, no solid food. My bottom plate is being adjusted, anyway.

More tomorrow.

Happy Easter!



Not a very uplifting day–cloudy and overcast. The weather forecast was calling for misty rain, so I didn’t walk up to watch and photograph the parade. In addition, I wanted to get some chores out of the way–like laundry.

I think that I will write my book review today. I have the tooth extraction scheduled for tomorrow morning, so I don’t know how I will be feeling after that.

I’ve chosen an interesting book this week, “The Forgotten Founders: Rethinking The History Of The Old West,” by former Secretary of the Interior, Stewart Udall. I don’t know how many people will be interest (I think my buddy Jim will), but Udall’s thinking so parallels nine in regards to the role of the ordinary settler that I just had to promote it.

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.

Finally managed to get out by the pool again…

It’s been a while … a week at least.

The hotel is like a zoo with all the tourists in house for Easter weekend … With kids, of course. There were a bunch staying here this week that were straight out of hell. You could hear them coming like a travelling circus long before they came into view. The husband, a rather defeated looking man, was trying to discipline them, but the mother would contravene him.

On the other hand, there was a family from England staying that was like day and night. The son, about 12 – 13 was an absolute gem. He would say things like, “Father, may I please…”, and “Mother, may I be excused.” I do hope it’s catching.

The amoxocillin is starting to kick in. It took five days, so it must have been a deep-seated infection. Also my appetite is coming back, as well. However,the tooth will be gone this coming Monday, so the bastard won’t bother me again.

There is an Easter parade tomorrow, so I may get out to photograph it. St. Augustine does a rather nice job of parades. I’ve photographed them before, but I need some new material.

Barring complications with the surgery, I am going to brunch with Joe & Karen, and Lyle & Kay, at the Reef next Sunday. I plan to take my camera with me this time, so I’ll share those as soon…

Temp in the 70s, but less than three weeks to go.

More next time.

Not again…!

Yes, twice. I just nicely dozed off when ‘screeeee-buzzz’ the fire alarm went off! Bot up, got dressed, and then it quit. False alarm.

Got back in bed, dozed off, and ‘screeeeee-buzzzz’ again. ┬áThis time I stayed in bed, and it stopped.

I think Mark, the general manager, should throw that thing into the ocean!

The amoxycillin hasn’t started to kick in yet. However, this only the third day and generally it takes about 4 – 5 before you notice a real difference.

[The ‘travelling circus’ ┬ájust arrived, so I hope Mary is astute enough to┬áput them at the other end of the restaurant!]

Not a very nice day. Windy with rain, but it’s a lot better than up north. Honestly, this winter has be right out of hell. The only way to look at it positively is backwards.

More next time.

They’re going to start calling me a ‘Firebug’…

A couple of years back I went through an evacuation in the middle of the night due to a fire. Well, it happened again last night, but this time it was a false alarm. Nonetheless, I’m missing my half-hour of lost sleep.

And wouldn’t you know it … A ‘lovely’ family of screaming kids has taken the table next to me.

I received a note from Orillia yesterday to say that they were in the middle of a snow storm. Yikes! You can always get more of what you don’t want.

It is cool here as well. 48 in the morning, so it looks like a stay-inside day.

More next time.


Well, the verdict is in. The tooth has to go. Mind you, it cost me $115 (USD) to get that news. So, next Monday I’m scheduled for an extraction of both the tooth and my wallet–i.e., another $725 (USD).

My travel insurance company (GlobeTrek) has been a big help. NOT! So far it has given me the run-around and a three-page claim form to fill out–mostly looking for excuses to renege on payment.

There is definitely something┬áout of whack here. I’m the paying customer on both ends, and I’m the one being made to jump through hoops to get $350 out of $1215 I paid for the service.

I see by┬átoday’s news that Wynne is going to crack down on those price ‘price-gouging’ tow truck drivers. Well, whoopee shit! Most people have CAA anyway, and tow truck drivers are a minuscule fraction of the price-gougers in Ontario–including the government itself.

Insurance companies, errrgh!

More about that later  when I have more time.

Well, I’ve ┬átaken the first step to recovery … I have a dental appointment this morning. This is to get an assessment and some penicillin. Then, depending on prices, I may as well have to work done here in Florida. I’ll only have to have it done later, anyhow.

Warm day so far, but rain for this afternoon,