Gorgeous day…

Yes, we’re finally seeing some Florida weather. Mid-eighties for the rest of this week. I’m sitting by the pool already, and it’s wonderfully comfortable.

Got off to a rather poor start this morning, though. I stayed up late (1:00 AM) writing–I was on a roll–so that’s about 2 hrs. later than usual. However, at around 7:00 AM this morning a bus parked outside my window to load about 100 kids. Then, if that wasn`t disturbing enough, the ‘Chatty Cathy’ kid next door started yapping as well. Therefore, I didn’t get half the ‘zs’ I needed. Fortunately, I think she and the other horde left today.

I think I’m having a relapse of West Nile as well. Mary, from the restaurant, said she thought I had gotten some sun yesterday (because my face was red), but since I wasn’t out in the sun yesterday I knew I was running a fever. So I started on the aspirins right away.

Getting ready to get back to work.

One month and three days left. Ulp!

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