Another gorgeous day…

Mid eighties! It’s the first day that I have been able to go all day without a jacket and feel warm.

I’m also feeling much better. Joe, the head chef at the cafe had a bottle of aspirins handy, and so I was able to get right on to my ailment. So I walked to the beer store earlier on.

I also worked by the pool all afternoon, and got a good amount of writing done. I’ve been working on oneĀ scene for weeks, but I finally made a breakthrough. Every scene is important, but this one in particular. It sets the dramatic relationship with all the characters, so is absolutely pivotal.

It’s Friday again, and all the tourists are starting to arrive–with kids! Ugh.

Got my hydro bill yesterday. Another $339. I shudder to think what it would be if I was there with the heat turned up to normal. Honestly,I don’t know how some people on lower incomes survive. It is outrageous.

More next time.


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