Quite a nice day…

A bit overcast, but warm.

Yesterday we got 2″ of “slight chance of precipitation,” so the weather forecasters here aren’t any more accurate than home.

That bunch of mid-twenties juvenile delinquents lived up to their brainless reputation. They were warming up pretty good yesterday afternoon, but they really got going later on. I understand the cops were called at one point, and at least one of them spent the nnight at the crowbar hotel. I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30. The only satisfaction to be had was seeing their sorry-looking faces this morning.

“If you want a better future, raise better kids.” ~ Gerry Burnie

I have been catching up on minor jobs this mmorning–like posting to my history and ‘Stop the Bull’ pages. It’s not hard work but it takes time, and while I’m doing those something else is being neglected. It’s a never ending chase.

Still fighting a bit of the West Nile relapse. I got over-optomistic and quit the aspirin therapy too soon. This time I will stay on it until the fever has entirely gone.

I’m by the pool just now, and will get back to writing in a few minutes. Tomorrow is book review day, so I want to get as much done as possible.

More next time.

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