Finally getting back to you…

Honestly, I don’t know how someone who is officially retired can be so damned busy!

Yesterday was book review day, and this morning I posted an update to my “In Praise of Canadian History” blog. In between I have been writing steadily, mostly rewrites, so I haven’t many actual pages to show for it.

Yesterday was hot, 85 degrees, and muggy. I could even feel it in the shade. However, it rained overnight, and so it is too wet to sit by the pool. Maybe later on.

I did a beer run yesterday and got a sunburn on my nose and forehead. Ergo, I look a bit like Rudolph. I’m dabbing it will moisturizing cream.

My temperature is back to normal, or it feels that way. It keeps flaring-up though, so I’m continuing with the aspirin therapy.

One month from yesterday I’ll be back in Canada. Ulp!

More next time.

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