Well, the verdict is in. The tooth has to go. Mind you, it cost me $115 (USD) to get that news. So, next Monday I’m scheduled for an extraction of both the tooth and my wallet–i.e., another $725 (USD).

My travel insurance company (GlobeTrek) has been a big help. NOT! So far it has given me the run-around and a three-page claim form to fill out–mostly looking for excuses to renege on payment.

There is definitely something out of whack here. I’m the paying customer on both ends, and I’m the one being made to jump through hoops to get $350 out of $1215 I paid for the service.

I see by today’s news that Wynne is going to crack down on those price ‘price-gouging’ tow truck drivers. Well, whoopee shit! Most people have CAA anyway, and tow truck drivers are a minuscule fraction of the price-gougers in Ontario–including the government itself.

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