Not again…!

Yes, twice. I just nicely dozed off when ‘screeeee-buzzz’ the fire alarm went off! Bot up, got dressed, and then it quit. False alarm.

Got back in bed, dozed off, and ‘screeeeee-buzzzz’ again.  This time I stayed in bed, and it stopped.

I think Mark, the general manager, should throw that thing into the ocean!

The amoxycillin hasn’t started to kick in yet. However, this only the third day and generally it takes about 4 – 5 before you notice a real difference.

[The ‘travelling circus’  just arrived, so I hope Mary is astute enough to put them at the other end of the restaurant!]

Not a very nice day. Windy with rain, but it’s a lot better than up north. Honestly, this winter has be right out of hell. The only way to look at it positively is backwards.

More next time.

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