Finally managed to get out by the pool again…

It’s been a while … a week at least.

The hotel is like a zoo with all the tourists in house for Easter weekend … With kids, of course. There were a bunch staying here this week that were straight out of hell. You could hear them coming like a travelling circus long before they came into view. The husband, a rather defeated looking man, was trying to discipline them, but the mother would contravene him.

On the other hand, there was a family from England staying that was like day and night. The son, about 12 – 13 was an absolute gem. He would say things like, “Father, may I please…”, and “Mother, may I be excused.” I do hope it’s catching.

The amoxocillin is starting to kick in. It took five days, so it must have been a deep-seated infection. Also my appetite is coming back, as well. However,the tooth will be gone this coming Monday, so the bastard won’t bother me again.

There is an Easter parade tomorrow, so I may get out to photograph it. St. Augustine does a rather nice job of parades. I’ve photographed them before, but I need some new material.

Barring complications with the surgery, I am going to brunch with Joe & Karen, and Lyle & Kay, at the Reef next Sunday. I plan to take my camera with me this time, so I’ll share those as soon…

Temp in the 70s, but less than three weeks to go.

More next time.

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