It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood…

Almost perfect, I would say. Temps climbing to the mid 80s, with just enough breeze to make it comfortable.

I’m already out in my sport by the pool before the horde of tourists arrive for the weekend. A group of about 200 high school and elementary kids just left. Yikes: loud, arrogant, self-centred–and that only describes and parents and chaperones. This kids were worse.

If our children are our future, then we are in serious trouble.

I did a beer run yesterday. It was a perfect day for a stroll, and I did it quite smartly. The workmen, etc, all get a kick out of me carry a case on the seat of the walker–tied down with bungy cords. I always tell them, “Where there is a thirst, there is a way.”

The socket where the tooth came out is still a bit tender, but it has healed over entirely. Therefore, there is no chance of a dry socket.

Heard there was 18″ of snow in Thunder Bay, yesterday. Yikes! Hope things are settled by the time I get home.

Writing today.

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