Feeling better…

But not out the woods yet.

I still have to get some penicillin and eventually get the tooth mended. But first I have to deal with the insurance  (Errrrgh!)

I don’t have the actual policy (they never sent one), so I don’t have a claim number. Plus, what I do have says I have to call them 24 hours prior to seeking medical assistance.

Of course, they  weren’t open yesterday, so I will have to call them today (14th). Mind you this is costing me roaming charges on my cell phone, and I suspect they don’t cover dental.

I’ll keep you posted.

Contrary to the note below…

I’m sick–ill-sick.

Of course, these things always happen on the weekends when everything is closed. However, I think tomorrow I had better seek some sort of medical assistance.

I think it stems from an infected tooth that is draining into my system, but I don`t have any penicillin. So if I can`t find a dentist I`ll go sit in emerg to get a script.

Not looking forward to a Florida emerg on a weekend. At home is bad enough!

I`ll keep you posted.

Back to normal…

Whatever that is.

I’m feeling much better today, so hopefully the relapse is over. With the help of asipin it generally goes away in three or four days.

I am out by the pool, but there is a cool breeze. Quite a bit different than  the muggy 85 of Monday. Nevertheless, I want to take advantage of it while I can. I see there are some mid-fifties temps in Orillia, so hopefully it will warm up by the time I get home. I also see there are some upper-sixties in Urbana. Great news.

No news except for writing. I hope to have a brunch with friends before I go. There is a restaurant called The Reef that I want to try. It is a moderately up-scale place with a view of the ocean that should be nice. Joe, the chef here at the restaurant says that it is quite good. I like a place with a view that you can sit and relax.

I finished  the rewrites I had to do, and now I am moving forward again.When I make a change later on in the story, or if something isn’t working out, I have to go back and rewrite the previous scene. Sort of ‘continuity’ changes. However, as I say, I am moving ahead again.

Hope everyone is well.

Finally getting back to you…

Honestly, I don’t know how someone who is officially retired can be so damned busy!

Yesterday was book review day, and this morning I posted an update to my “In Praise of Canadian History” blog. In between I have been writing steadily, mostly rewrites, so I haven’t many actual pages to show for it.

Yesterday was hot, 85 degrees, and muggy. I could even feel it in the shade. However, it rained overnight, and so it is too wet to sit by the pool. Maybe later on.

I did a beer run yesterday and got a sunburn on my nose and forehead. Ergo, I look a bit like Rudolph. I’m dabbing it will moisturizing cream.

My temperature is back to normal, or it feels that way. It keeps flaring-up though, so I’m continuing with the aspirin therapy.

One month from yesterday I’ll be back in Canada. Ulp!

More next time.

Quite a nice day…

A bit overcast, but warm.

Yesterday we got 2″ of “slight chance of precipitation,” so the weather forecasters here aren’t any more accurate than home.

That bunch of mid-twenties juvenile delinquents lived up to their brainless reputation. They were warming up pretty good yesterday afternoon, but they really got going later on. I understand the cops were called at one point, and at least one of them spent the nnight at the crowbar hotel. I didn’t get to sleep until 1:30. The only satisfaction to be had was seeing their sorry-looking faces this morning.

“If you want a better future, raise better kids.” ~ Gerry Burnie

I have been catching up on minor jobs this mmorning–like posting to my history and ‘Stop the Bull’ pages. It’s not hard work but it takes time, and while I’m doing those something else is being neglected. It’s a never ending chase.

Still fighting a bit of the West Nile relapse. I got over-optomistic and quit the aspirin therapy too soon. This time I will stay on it until the fever has entirely gone.

I’m by the pool just now, and will get back to writing in a few minutes. Tomorrow is book review day, so I want to get as much done as possible.

More next time.

Another gorgeous day…

Mid eighties! It’s the first day that I have been able to go all day without a jacket and feel warm.

I’m also feeling much better. Joe, the head chef at the cafe had a bottle of aspirins handy, and so I was able to get right on to my ailment. So I walked to the beer store earlier on.

I also worked by the pool all afternoon, and got a good amount of writing done. I’ve been working on one scene for weeks, but I finally made a breakthrough. Every scene is important, but this one in particular. It sets the dramatic relationship with all the characters, so is absolutely pivotal.

It’s Friday again, and all the tourists are starting to arrive–with kids! Ugh.

Got my hydro bill yesterday. Another $339. I shudder to think what it would be if I was there with the heat turned up to normal. Honestly,I don’t know how some people on lower incomes survive. It is outrageous.

More next time.


Gorgeous day…

Yes, we’re finally seeing some Florida weather. Mid-eighties for the rest of this week. I’m sitting by the pool already, and it’s wonderfully comfortable.

Got off to a rather poor start this morning, though. I stayed up late (1:00 AM) writing–I was on a roll–so that’s about 2 hrs. later than usual. However, at around 7:00 AM this morning a bus parked outside my window to load about 100 kids. Then, if that wasn`t disturbing enough, the ‘Chatty Cathy’ kid next door started yapping as well. Therefore, I didn’t get half the ‘zs’ I needed. Fortunately, I think she and the other horde left today.

I think I’m having a relapse of West Nile as well. Mary, from the restaurant, said she thought I had gotten some sun yesterday (because my face was red), but since I wasn’t out in the sun yesterday I knew I was running a fever. So I started on the aspirins right away.

Getting ready to get back to work.

One month and three days left. Ulp!

Well, Happy April Fools’ day…

Or whatever you say for the day.

God has had his little prank on me by putting two noisy brats in the room next to mine. Of course, children never do anything quietly (right now I’m listening to the 120-decibel screeches–equal to a 747 engine at full throttle–from the school 300 yds away) and these two started this morning at 7:00 AM. I wonder if infanticide could be considered ‘stand your ground’?

It’s a delightful day, but with that prevailing breeze that has been hanging around all winter. Nonetheless, I’m out by the pool with a light jacket on. Time is ticking down, and I only have five weeks left before I make the trek home. I wonder what adventures await me on this trip? I always have one.

More next time. 🙂