At home and getting settled again…

It’s remarkable how quickly one forgets little things after a while … Things like, where is the pug-in cord for the cellphone? Eventually I remembered that it’s attached to a charging-cradle on my desk. However, I am starting to get back into my old routine.

One of the things that has changed is my breakfast venue. I had been going to Burger King, but one of the managers is a pushy broad who is always lording it over her staff. Moreover, she is one of those types who is right even when she is wrong. Generally these types suffer from insecurity, and so they have to put others down to feel they are in charge: A ‘Queen of Hearts’ complex.

Anyway, I’ve had run-ins with her previously on account of the music. Before 10:00 AM there is no one under the age of 50 in the restaurant, and  yet she has rap music blaring from 4 speakers. I’ve explained to her that I don’t go there to listen to music–and in particular that sort of mindless crap–but Friday morning it was blaring again. Ergo, I shook the dust off my feet as I was going out the door.

I also caught up to two long-standing friends. One is 94, and as vibrant as a fifty-year-old, and the other was in town from his residence in Kirkland Lake.

Otherwise, I’ve been hearing horror story about this past winter. One couple had to call out to get someone to dig them out from the outside. Another arrived home from a five-week vacation to  find their car buried and totalled from the snow. Also, the hydro had been off for much of the time, and so their recently-installed, $15,000 septic system had frozen. Now, the cost of plumbers is about $60 per hour! Moreover, I doubt the insurance company will settle because they didn’t have someone monitoring the house.

Fortunately, I found everything in order at home–except a water stain where the roof had leaked. It was only a couple of screws that had been raised by the frost, and so my friend’s son-in-law tightened them down. No big deal because ceiling tiles are only about .75¢ a piece.

Thursday and Friday were quite nice, with temps around 70F, but today a chilly wind (25 mph) cooled things off considerably, and next week is predicted to be wet. I am waiting to get out into the gazebo, but it may take a while before that happens.

The tulips are up, but no blooms yet.

More next time.

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