Just finished my weekly book review…

I always hated it when the teacher asked us to write a book report now and then, and now I write one once-a-week.  How times change. 🙂

It is trying to rain, but until now it has been quite pleasant with temps in the low 70s. However, the remainder of the week is predicted to be wet and cool.

Steve cleaned out the gazebo today, and hooked up the power, so if the weather cooperates I should be able to make the trek outside, shortly. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining so long as it’s not blowing and cool. In fact, I like working with a gentle rain falling outside. It’s relaxing.

I’m still getting settled. I’ve only unpacked the essentials–toilet gear, etc.–but most of the clothes will go straight into the laundry, anyway. At the last hotel I didn’t have anyone to do my laundry, and the machines were all front-loading. That made it really difficult to get the clothes out–being low and at the back–so I just washed what I needed in the bathroom sink.

Fortunately I live directly across the street from the laundromat, and so the owner both washes and folds everything for me. Moreover, he is a perfectionist, and so no one could possibly do better.

I haven’t done much writing lately, and so I must get back at that tomorrow.

More next time.

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