Catchin’ up…

Thanks for hanging in. I’ve been on the busy side updating my two blogs and book review page.

This week I reviewed Trails Plowed Under by Charles M. Russell. Charlie Russell, like Will Rogers, are two of my favourite characters because of their raw talent. Given their backgrounds, there was no other reason why they should have become legends in their own time. It was a talent that would not be denied.

A sort of begrudging spring has finally arrived. The tulips are just now beginning to bloom, and the leaves are about 1/3 open. At this rate we will only manage about 4 months of summer-like weather—if that. It doesn’t seem fair given the miserable winter the folks in this part of the country have just come through.

I am slowly getting squared away. I’ve been doing a spring cleaning, the gazebo is re-screened, and I even managed to spend a couple of hours out there, today—the first of the season. Tomorrow is forecast to be wet but warm, so I my be able to spend more time outside. I don’t mind the rain, because I am sheltered inside, but a cool breeze can make things uncomfortable.

I still haven’t made much progress on the writing. It seems there is always something getting in the way, but I’m telling myself it will be better when I can work in the gazebo.

For those of you who haven’t seen it, here is a photo of when it was first built. (The man with the strawberry daiquiris was my partner Doug, who regrettably passed away in 2013.)

gazebo - Doug strawberry Daquari

More next time.





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