Dare I think that spring/summer has finally arrived?…

Yesterday the temp hit about 73 in the afternoon, and today the forecast is for 78. Whoopee!

It was wonderfully comfortable in the gazebo, even as late as 8:30. Mind you, the kids stayed out later, too.

When I first moved into the neighbourhood it was populated with older people. In fact, there was only one family on the whole street. Now, I’m surrounded by ‘producers,’ and when they get outside it’s like living beside a schoolground.

Speaking about annoyances: A while ago I stopped going to a restaurant because of some jerk with a loud, nasally voice, who talked incessantly, and told stupid jokes that he laughed at himself. ‘Cackled,’ would be a more accurate description. Well, guess who’s found my regular breakfast hang-out?

Why is it, that when you get things to be just the way you want them, everything changes?!

Today is book review day, so I had better get at it.

More next time.


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