At the airport…


Every trip I take seems to have it’s adventures (challenges.)

The  hotel I stayed in last night was shades of Faulty Towers … Plus!

It was going through renovations, which was the least of the problems. The washroom was so small that I had to go outside to change my mind; plus, the ONE overhead light was so dim I couldn’t see my face, let along shave it.

Then, the people next door–including a woman who never stopped talking –played a movie until midnight with the volume turned up so loud that the sound was distorted. I couldn’t even blank it out with a pillow over my head.

I would have called down to the desk to complain, but there was no telephone.

As  Charles Kerault used to say, I wonder what lies around the corner?

Another ‘Faulty Towers’!…

Seems I’m back to another ‘absentee landlord’ hotel in Jacksonville, and fighting with the wifi again. (It’s taken me nearly an hour just to get a net connection.) However, it did look good from the online hype it came with, and it was cheap.

It’s 96 degree here, so why am I coming back to 56? Apart from government regulation, I can’t think of an answer, either.

Albeit, I’ve found a nice shady table by the pond, and I’m content for the moment.

I’ll keep you informed.

It’s a beautiful day…

Second-last day here in St. Augustine, and one of the nicest days we’ve had yet. The forecast is for 85 degrees, but here beside the pool it’s beautifully mild.

It’s book review day, so the rest of it I will be working on this.

I see  back home we have our one day of spring scheduled  for Friday-the-ninth, so fortunately I will be there to enjoy it. One has to be quick about the weather up there or you’ll miss the good days!

Well, I’d better get to work on this week’s featured novel.

More next time.

May 4th … Only three days to go. Ulp!

I did my preliminary packing this morning: everything but essentials. I hate rushing around at the last moment.

The good weather has returned, and I am outside by the pool. It is still a little cool,  but the forecast is for 80s temps by this afternoon.

I notice the weather is no hell back home. Will winter never go away?! There was quite a bit of flooding farther south around Pensacola, which got 11″ of rain in ONE HOUR!

I’m getting ready for the flight, too. I quit the beers Friday so that my system will be dried out by Wednesday. If I should happen to need to go to the washroom in mid-flight, I’m in trouble. Therefore, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of embarrassment.

More next time.

No getting out beside the pool today…

It’s both cool and damp (63F). However, I see the temps in Orillia still haven’t improved. Forties and fifties (feeling cooler) … even a 39! So when I get home on Wednesday, I’m not going to be walking into spring. Friggin’ weather!!

I’m inside looking out at a bunch of buses.  Florida has an education program to teach elementary students the history of the state, so they bus  kids around to various locations to show them the historical sights. It’s a commendable program  … if only they would teach them some manners, too. Mind you, I suppose you have to have some before you can pass them on.

Only four more days to go! It seems incredible. I hate this part. I’ve always hated packing after a trip is over, and travelling is always stressful–especially when you have to depend on others. In addition, I have to ‘train’ a new batch every time I go to get on a plane; i.e. I’m the first on and the last off; I take the walker on but someone has to carry it off, but what if I have to go to the washroom once we’re up there?! Ulp. That’s a constant fear.

I have been writing double-time these past two weeks, and have made quite good progress. Not large gains in the number of pages, but in a much more cohesive story. Weaving a supernatural and mythical element into a cattle drive is a tricky bit of writing, but I think it will be a least credible. That’s my first objective.

More next time as I get ready for home.