I’m back…

The tax papers are in the hands of the accountant, and now all that’s left is the weeping.

It really is ‘heartening’ to know that corporations like Exxon and Bank of America pay NO income tax whatsoever. Moreover, the oil and gas industry get $34B in annual subsidies from the same government that milks me for 18% of my fixed income. Now, if anyone can explain the rationale behind that I’d like to hear it.

The weather is iffy. The numbers are good (mid-70s) but yesterday I nearly got my tail feathers wet from a major storm that blew through here, and today its been threatening to do it again.

So, what with preparing my tax papers and writing my book review (yesterday), and trying to find a few minutes for doing my own writing, I’ve been busy.

There is no news worth telling. All is well, and I am enjoying the few times I can get out in the gazebo. I must say, however, that it is not the same as when Doug and I (Doug mostly) built it. We practically lived in it that summer, and the weather was absolutely ideal. Hell, we even slept out there on hot nights! It was like a honeymoon cottage.

Inside we had the barbecue and a patio set, and every morning we would cook breakfast on the grill and have it with our coffee.  Then, later in the day we had our beers from the air-cooled fridge.

Then, someone stole the patio set and fridge, and later the kids and dogs started to invade the neighbourhood, and so now it is like trying to work through a chorus of the “Donkey’s Serenade.”

I suppose the moral of this story is: Nothing (good) ever lasts or stays the same.

Nonetheless, it is still pleasant to get outside, and it’s not snowing!

More next time.

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