I’m back and doing things the easy way

I just installed voice recognition software that allows me to dictate my copy rather than typing it. My typing isn’t as fast as it used to be, neither is it as accurate, so this should help both.

I have only tried it a bit on the novel, but I can see how it is going help; Especially since I am in the rewrite stage where I am merely making revisions.

The weather, always a big topic in Canada, is still backward. We tend to get a day here and there that resembles summer, but otherwise it is either sweater whether or inside.

Today the forecast was for mid-70s, but as it turned out it was merely cool and damp. I tried to work in the gazebo for a while, but it proved too uncomfortable. Therefore I’m back in the house.

Getting back to the voice recognition program, I notice that it still has some difficulty distinguishing between certain words. For instance, it can’t distinguish between nearly with them ‘n,’ and merely with an ‘m’. However, it is still faster to go back and make corrections than it is to type the whole word.

Otherwise, there is very little news that would be of any interest. We have an election coming up, but that is hardly interesting news to anyone else. I did my civic duty by marking my ‘x’ while holding my nose, but I hardly expect my vote to make any difference.

More news later.

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