Things are well…

Today we are getting our quota of summer with temperatures in the mid-70s. Mind you, the forecast is for rain the remainder of the week, but for now we will take the good stuff while it’s here to

The voice recognition program is working out very well. It takes quite a bit of training, both for yourself and the program, but I am happy to say that I am getting about 75% accuracy. The other benefit is that it teaches you to speak very distinctly. It was quite comical to see how the machine interpreted my first efforts. Even now it insists that ‘other’ should be spelled ‘author.’

At the same time, it adds a bit to fun to the writing.  You know, something different.

Presently the chipmunks are in a stir–” Miss Piggy,” “Peanut Brain,” and “Mouthy.” My neighbour got a cat, after his dog died, and the “Fortress Gang” are not at all pleased. The problem is that once they get started at chirping they can go on for what seems and eternity, nonstop. For a little animal they can make a whole lot of noise, and it can also drive you nuts.

All the animals and kids around here work in shifts. The birds start first thing in the morning, followed by the dogs, who are followed By the kids, followed by squirrels, then it is back to the birds, etc. etc. It is all a very organized affair.

Speaking of kids, can anyone tell me why they have all decided To communicate he shrieks? The other evening I was working in the house with the door closed, and yet I could hear one kid across the street, behind a house, almost as clearly as I could hear the radio. And if it’s not only you, a lot all over the

in Florida there was an elementary school across the road, and in  my room with the door and windows closed I could still hear them!

More next time.


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