Not the greatest day weather wise…

But it’s warm, so I’m not complaining.

Still working on learning this voice function program. There is a lot more to it than just dictating. With this program you can do most everything you can do in word processing: Type, format, bold face, switch to e-mail, search the web, etc. etc., all using just speech. However, the trick is learning how to do it.  Right now it’s sort of helpful, but is more of a nuisance until I get into the 98% accuracy rate.

Microsoft almost sabotaged me again. I installed Word 2010 in the new machine, but left the manuscript in the 2007 format. This worked fine until I opened it in one of my other  computers  that still has Word 2007 installed on it. That was when I discovered that when you do this it deletes the spaces  between  words. Fortunately I caught it before it was saved. Otherwise, there would have been no way to save the manuscript– five years and 142,000 words gone in an instant.

The warm weather and being able to get outside is a real delight, but the downside is that the friggin’ kids are outside, too, so it’s like being inside a nursery school. Whatever happened to the idea of afternoon naps?

More next time.

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