The weather is it the topic of conversation these days. An F2 tornado touched down about 50 miles from my house, yesterday, destroying nearly 100 houses. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured, but it is all very tragic. Fortunately, we were spared except for a heavy downfall off rain.

Otherwise, the weather is crappy. So far this year, there has been few days one could call  “pleasant” on account of the cool winds of the North, and the rest of the time as being gloomy and wet.

Summer begins this Saturday, so let’s hold we get some good weather out of it. Otherwise, this year Will be a write off.

I am still persevering with the voice recognition program, and it is coming along fairly well. I suppose, if I have to put a number on it, I would say I am at the 85 – 90% accuracy level. The good new is that it is improving as time goes along.

Likewise, I am able to take four or five steps without holding onto the walker. Moreover, I am surprised and pleased with how easy it is. Mind you, I don’t press it. I have made a point of taking a few steps around the bed while I’m making it, and each day I take an extra step from the day before. This way I am making progress at my own pace, while not putting myself at risk

For the past couple of days I have been working on a list of child welfare benefits handed out by the various levels of government. It is an ongoing research, because they are spread over three levels, as well as several programs, departments, and service agencies. In fact, I don’t believe even government as an idea of how much it is paying out for what. It is a haystack made of money.

So far, it covers six full pages which I will publish as soon as I am finished.

More next time.

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