Ever notice…

The good weather always arrives late? Mind you, spring never arrived at all. Just a pause in the snow, that’s all.

Saturday was the first day of summer, but the first summery day didn’t arrive until yesterday. However, we just have to find our blessings wherever, so it was really a nice day.

I have been putting the pedal to the metal these days, regarding writing. In order to catch the Christmas market, I have to have the manuscript ready for the editor by August, and that’s coming up fast.

The voice activation system is helping a bit, but I don’t trust it for long passages. Whether this will ever come, I don’t know. However, for small edits it’s great. Just highlight the word and replace it in half the time.

However, there is no easy road to writing. The ideas have to be worked out the old fashioned way.

It’s book review day, so I’m writing this at breakfast. I almost begrudge the time away from the novel–especially when I am right in the middle of a gunfight–but consistency is the key to success. You can be good or bad, but you can’t be inconsistent–or late.

Today is predicted to be hot and humid with thunder showers this afternoon. Mother Nature–the old shrew–has decreed we can’t have too many nice days in a row. We’re Canadian, eh.

Finally, I was in a panic this morning. I couldn’t find a bill that fell due today, and I couldn’t remember the amount. That’s when I remembered they had c hanged the due date to the 3rd, so the reason I couldn’t find the bill was, I hadn’t received it.

It’s ‘interesting’ to be getting older. 🙂

More next time.

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