I’m back…

I just finished my weekly book review, so I have that out of the way.

I looked around for something specifically Canadian, and finally found a novel called Canadian Hook-up. Little did I know that the Canadian element was the content only, and that the author was an American living in the Midwest. In the absence of anything else, however, I decided to go with it. Hey, it’s sort of Canadian.

The weather has finally warmed up to summer temperatures, although there is rain in the forecast every day this week. I don’t mind the rain, so long as it is not accompanied by thunder showers. The gazebo is located beneath a tall pine tree, which could act as a very good lightning rod.

I have been spending most of my time writing. I do have to have the manuscript ready for editing by the middle of August,at the latest. The editing process generally takes about a month to complete, and likewise the formatting. Therefore, if I want to have it ready for the Christmas market, it must go to print by the first of October.

As I look at the calendar presently, It doesn’t leave much room for dallying.

Before I leave, here is a little anecdote:

I have often said that when you are handicapped, you get your own set of Harpies that busy themselves with making things slip, or stick, or catch in ways that seem impossible. I often think that the front wheels on the walker are made to swivel so that they turn outward while you are going through a doorways. I have even had one occasion when the cloth handle on a shopping bag looped under a stationary bar, and then up over the clip of the seat belt–a sort of “S” maneuver that I could have made money betting people it could be done.

Well, just to prove the impossible can happen: I have a hook on the outside of the gazebo door that I use to secure it when it is windy. Needless to say that this can only be done from the outside. However, the other day I found myself locked inside. It appears that the hook had somehow jumped into place all by itself.  Fortunately, Steve happened to be handy, so I called him to let me out.

More next time.

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