I’m back…

I’ve been busy writing and tending to my other projects. That’s the problem with having too many irons in the fire. On is bound to be left out in the cold.

As you notice, I’ve changed themes. The other was a bit difficult to read for people with failing sight, so I think this one will be easier.

I don’t know what it is about product designers, but they can’t be thinking of their customers. For example, computer manufacturers insist on making keyboards black with white lettering, when it would be so much easier to read if they made white keys with black lettering—especially in dim light.

Moreover, Facebook, which must employ the cream of web page designers, has chosen navy blue on black lettering at about a “2” pitch. I can only see that tiny arrow to log in and out if my nose is practically touching the screen.

Hey! I’m feeling proud of myself after walking 50 feet without my walker. Whooee! For those who might be concerned at my taking risks (Thank you!), I followed the fence that separates my property from Steve’s so I could steady myself.

I said I would be able to walk from my airline seat to the washroom by fall, and I think I’m right on schedule.

What this means in practical terms is, that I can take longer flights to more varied locations–a cost factor when picking hotels.


The weather is abysmal: Rain, windy and cool. Right now I am working in the gazebo with a jacket on. Otherwise, it is right on the borderline of being uncomfortable.

Regarding this coming fall, I am looking at southern Georgia as a possible location. Prices there are about the best I’ve found–$1,200 to $1,400 per monthe, which is reasonable. However my search isn’t over. If I move more inland, I should be able to find cheaper prices in Florida as well.

So far I have been relying on Hotels-dot-com, etc., but I don’t find these helpful at all. Moreover,  the hotels in Florida must be doing very well indeed if they can afford to turn up their noses at a $10,000 contract.

However, I must get back to writing.

Hope all is well, and I’ll have more next time.

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If you neglect to do something when you first think about it…

It gets lost in the scurry of life.

That’s how it is with me, and that’s my excuse as well. I think I must update my blog, but…

It is either an early fall or late spring day. It can’t seem to make up its mind.

We awoke to 60F degrees this morning, then it rained, then we had 25-30 m.p.h. blustery winds, and now the sun is shining on swaying trees.

Got all my blogs caught up, plus my FB pages. The numbers are remarkable, which, I suppose, proves that if you build it people will come.

My Stop the Bull blog site is climbing every month. Viewers are now topping 1,200 per month, and over 13,000 since it started.

My Gerry B’s Book Review is the star, of course, with 71,000 viewers since it started, but my In Praise of Canadian History is building nicely, as well.

I signed on with Distributel last week, but since it takes 10 working days to install I haven’t had the satisfaction of giving Bell Canada the boot. However, I’ve been reading their sneaky increases have not gone unnoticed.

I have started a campaign of contacting the chambers of commerce of several places in Florida in search of more affordable accommodation … Plus a bit of a change in scenery.

I figured that if I started now I should be able to find what I’m looking for by November. So far I’m looking at Clearwater and Amelia Island. Both look interesting.

My aunt Jean, who was married to a chap in Ohio, retired in Clearwater after her husband died, and Amelia Island has a fascinating history. However, I intend to add a few more to the list before I’m finished.

Writing is coming along well.

More next time.

It’s a lovely fall day…

That is, it would be if it were fall. However for July it’s just part of the summer we haven’t had.

Nonetheless, it put me in the mood to start looking around for more reasonably priced accommodation in Florida. I’m exploring some extended-stay places that rent by the week at around $200. That is more in keeping with what I want to pay. However, I have just started my quest, so I’m sure I’ll find something suitable by November.

I haven’t ruled out going back to the Holiday Inn, which is excellent, because no matter what it costs it is better than going through a winter in Canada.

I’ve been keeping my nose to the keyboard, trying to finish this manuscript by August. I think I’ll make it, but more toward the end.

The weather has been the pits. The warm days have been muggy, and there has been rain the forecast nearly every day. Yesterday we had a heavy rainfall with local flooding–I dove through water up to the axles in some places. It’s not raining today because it is too cold. Ergo, it just warms up to rain.

Otherwise, it’s just eat, sleep and write.

More next time.