It’s a lovely fall day…

That is, it would be if it were fall. However for July it’s just part of the summer we haven’t had.

Nonetheless, it put me in the mood to start looking around for more reasonably priced accommodation in Florida. I’m exploring some extended-stay places that rent by the week at around $200. That is more in keeping with what I want to pay. However, I have just started my quest, so I’m sure I’ll find something suitable by November.

I haven’t ruled out going back to the Holiday Inn, which is excellent, because no matter what it costs it is better than going through a winter in Canada.

I’ve been keeping my nose to the keyboard, trying to finish this manuscript by August. I think I’ll make it, but more toward the end.

The weather has been the pits. The warm days have been muggy, and there has been rain the forecast nearly every day. Yesterday we had a heavy rainfall with local flooding–I dove through water up to the axles in some places. It’s not raining today because it is too cold. Ergo, it just warms up to rain.

Otherwise, it’s just eat, sleep and write.

More next time.

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