My personal harpies are busy …

As other handicaps will know, when you’re handicapped you get your own set of harpies whose job it is to make life difficult. For me, they generally occupy the swivel wheels of the walker, which can reach out and grab onto doorways or any other object handy.

Recently, another batch has settled into the keys on the computer, adding their own letters, etc., so that you have to go back to make corrections. Mind you, this batch are greatly aided and abetted by Microcrap.

But worst of all are the ones that are causing things to ‘jump’ out of my pockets. Three days ago, I found the memory stick carrying the complete manuscript to the new novel on the car seat (ready to drop through a crevice). Then, yesterday I found my cell phone lying in the parking lot, and today someone ran up to me with my wallet in their hand.

What is strange is that I had placed this wallet securely in my pants’ pocket, so there is no way it should have ‘jumped’ out.

It’s spooky!

We’re like a bunch of groundhogs …

Today being tolerable (70 with a N/W breeze), we all ran outside to experience it — something like a bunch of groundhogs.

The rest of the week is promising rain and thunder showers, but the flip side features temps in the middle 70s.

It’s official. This ‘summer’ has been a bummer: Not one day over 80 in either July or August. It seems we’re on the cool side of a jet stream that’s pulling cold air down from the Arctic. Oh, joy!

I am working very diligently on Coming of Age, but it is clear I’m not going to have the first draft ready for editing by the end of August. I still have two months after that, but that is really cutting it close for the Christmas market.

Nonetheless, that’s the way it goes. I can only write as fast as the ideas come to me, and I’d rather be late than publish a poor story. It’s not fair to the novel, and it’s not fair to the characters.

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Contrary to my last post …

It’s a lousy day in the neighbourhood.

Quite literally, I’ve had the furnace turned on more days than the A/C this year, and altogether I believe we’ve only had one or two ‘heat alerts’ (normally we have upwards of twenty), so there’s very little to rapturize about.

The Canadian National Exhibition, 1940s, showing the midway.
The Canadian National Exhibition, 1940s, showing the midway.

The Canadian Nation Exhibition (CNE) opens its 133 season today, and for most of us it marks the unofficial end to summer.

I have great childhood memories of the CNE. It was one of the two occasions we (my sister Beverley and myself) got to visit Toronto – the other was for Christmas shopping. So, off we would go on 7:00 AM Grey Coach bus scrubbed clean, and with our life-savings in pocket – possibly as much as $5.00!

But what wonders awaited two farm kids from Pefferlaw! There was a full-size image of a cow sculpted in butter, a mile-long midway, and everybody’s favourite: The Food building where they offered free samples. Mind you, we had to leave on the 8:30 PM bus for the return trip to Sutton, but we took a headfull of memories with us.

Sadly, the CNE has changed from its grass roots. My friend and travel consultant, Jacquie Dupuis, says the agricultural exhibits have all been dropped, and the radio stations are emphasizing the food (chocolate deep-fried chicken!) and rock concerts.

I`m glad I saved my memories.

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A beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

Mind you, it’s about time. The Canadian National Exhibition starts in less than two weeks, and to us that is the unofficial end of summer.

Lots of good things on the menu, though. The field tomatoes are coming on the shelves, and the sweet corn as well. I haven’t had either yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

Today, the temperature is in the upper 70s for the first time since July–weeks and weeks ago. This summer has been pretty well a wash out, with rain and a cool n/w wind. It is such a disappointment for those who survived a brutal winter. Everything was affected by it. My trumpet vine, which is generally hanging with large blossoms, has just a few small blossoms this year. In addition, it was hard one the honey bee population, which is under duress as it is.

I am beginning to prepare for my annual trip south. I’m presently looking for more affordable accommodation, and have found a hotel in Georgia that is at the top of my list. For rate and accommodation it’s tops, but I sort of have my heart set on Amelia Island. I think it would be so cool to spend the winter there. We’ll see…

The writing is coming along well, but it is still going to be a race to have it on the market by November.

More next time.