A beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

Mind you, it’s about time. The Canadian National Exhibition starts in less than two weeks, and to us that is the unofficial end of summer.

Lots of good things on the menu, though. The field tomatoes are coming on the shelves, and the sweet corn as well. I haven’t had either yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

Today, the temperature is in the upper 70s for the first time since July–weeks and weeks ago. This summer has been pretty well a wash out, with rain and a cool n/w wind. It is such a disappointment for those who survived a brutal winter. Everything was affected by it. My trumpet vine, which is generally hanging with large blossoms, has just a few small blossoms this year. In addition, it was hard one the honey bee population, which is under duress as it is.

I am beginning to prepare for my annual trip south. I’m presently looking for more affordable accommodation, and have found a hotel in Georgia that is at the top of my list. For rate and accommodation it’s tops, but I sort of have my heart set on Amelia Island. I think it would be so cool to spend the winter there. We’ll see…

The writing is coming along well, but it is still going to be a race to have it on the market by November.

More next time.















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