We’re like a bunch of groundhogs …

Today being tolerable (70 with a N/W breeze), we all ran outside to experience it — something like a bunch of groundhogs.

The rest of the week is promising rain and thunder showers, but the flip side features temps in the middle 70s.

It’s official. This ‘summer’ has been a bummer: Not one day over 80 in either July or August. It seems we’re on the cool side of a jet stream that’s pulling cold air down from the Arctic. Oh, joy!

I am working very diligently on Coming of Age, but it is clear I’m not going to have the first draft ready for editing by the end of August. I still have two months after that, but that is really cutting it close for the Christmas market.

Nonetheless, that’s the way it goes. I can only write as fast as the ideas come to me, and I’d rather be late than publish a poor story. It’s not fair to the novel, and it’s not fair to the characters.

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