My personal harpies are busy …

As other handicaps will know, when you’re handicapped you get your own set of harpies whose job it is to make life difficult. For me, they generally occupy the swivel wheels of the walker, which can reach out and grab onto doorways or any other object handy.

Recently, another batch has settled into the keys on the computer, adding their own letters, etc., so that you have to go back to make corrections. Mind you, this batch are greatly aided and abetted by Microcrap.

But worst of all are the ones that are causing things to ‘jump’ out of my pockets. Three days ago, I found the memory stick carrying the complete manuscript to the new novel on the car seat (ready to drop through a crevice). Then, yesterday I found my cell phone lying in the parking lot, and today someone ran up to me with my wallet in their hand.

What is strange is that I had placed this wallet securely in my pants’ pocket, so there is no way it should have ‘jumped’ out.

It’s spooky!

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