It’s that time of the year again…

Sept 29: The weather outdoors couldn’t be more perfect for this time of the year, but reality says it won’t last. Therefore, I am gearing up for my trip south. Hotel reservations have been made at a surprising good hotel for a community of 11,000 – I’m going to southern Georgia this year.

pogoI love St. Augustine, of course, having more friends there than at home, but the deciding factor was cost – nearly $1,000-per-month cheaper for approximately the same amenities. I’m also excited about the fact that it is on the entrance to the Okefenokee Swamp (Okay, I know it’s called something other than a ‘swamp,’ but I still think of it that way.) Anybody remember the Pogo comics?

Today is ‘book review day’ when I write and publish my review of this week’s featured novel. [See: Gerry B’s Book Reviews.] Sadly, for ever novel I feature I get about 10 – 15 requests. All of them look interesting, but I can only get around to 52 in a year. Nonetheless, it is good exposure for the ones I can get around to.

I also want to take some fall photos at the park – or what’s left of it. A devastating tornado took out about 40% of the gorgeous old trees that were there. It’s heart breaking.

Now that snowbirding season is upon me, I’ll try to be a little more conscientious about posting – especially from the new community. I leave November 12th, but I do hope that you will keep me informed of the news.

More next time. Gerry G.