Nice day, but cool.

Once again the weather has proven that it’s never what you expect. The weather forecasters have been talking about a ‘hot and humid’ day for today. Well, with a gusty S/E wind it’s neither ‘hot’ nor ‘humid.’ However, I’m in the gazebo anyway (perhaps for the last time this year) — with a jacket on to be sure. Tomorrow the ka-ka hits the fan with rain and temps down to 55F.

Received confirmation from my hotel this morning, and I was blown away by the price, i.e. $20-a-night less than last year! That’s a $3,600 saving over the six months. Needless to say, I’m delighted.

Went shopping for white shoes with velcro straps yesterday — what a depressing situation that is! First, the men’s section is buried in ‘acres’ of women’s, girls, and toddler’s  fashions, and features a depressing range of greys and blacks on one hand, and fluorescent oranges and yellows on the other. Moreover, the good folks who make these things in Taiwan have a mistaken impression the westerners are all 300 lbs. or seven feet tall — medium is large, and small is medium, etc.

Nevertheless, I did find two pairs that fit — one 8, and the other 9.

More next time.

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