A typical fall day …

Gusty, rain and cool. However, It’s still fairly mild for this time of year __ AND NO SNOW!

Well, that’s not exactly true. Armstrong Station (James Bay area, accumulated 6″ the other day.

The countdown is on. Just a few weeks before I wing south. I can’t believe the incredible deal I received from the hotel in Georgia. Thirty-six dollars a night — which is $30 less than I was paying last year!

I`m feeling proud of myself these days. I am taking short strolls (inside the house) on my canes. I`ve had then since I first broke my hip, but it is just lately that I have felt confident enough to use them. It comes from walking without my walker, up and down the fenceline this summer.

Do you like fruit? Now that fall is here with the bounty of the harvest, I`ve taken eating fruit two meals a day. It is soooo good and fresh. Pears are my favourite, followed by grapes, apples and bananas. The pears leave such a clean taste in your mouth, and there is no leftovers except a small core.

I do hope there’s a fruit and vegetable stand nearby when I go south.

More next time.

PS. I put the first items in the carry-all today. 🙂


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