Gerry’s Marvelous Adventure … Phase One third,


I don’t know why it is, but getting there always seems to present its own unique challenge.

I had a new shuttle driver to Pearson International, a woman, and she is the first one to complain about my walker.

My instructions to the company was to send a shuttle bus with a front seat because I was “handicapped,” so why should she be surprised by a walker.

She had her own way of driving, too; and, although she got us to the airport safely she drove me nuts. To begin, she was a ‘follower’, so at times mopeds were passing us!

Then, she would drive along beside a flatbed truck (about five feet away) while searching for something in the centre consol. Not to mention that we got lost looking for the hotel.

It was to no avail, however, for the hotel had lost my reservation, so while I sat in the van with my back teeth floating, the driver and the desk clerk tried to get that sorted out.

The hotel is comfortable, and compensated me for convenience, and so I settled for the evening.

Leave for Georgia tomorrow.