Music and noise … Same thing?


modern music_edited-1

Temps dropping into the low 30s at night (2C) but with no breeze to speak of it feels warm during the day.

I just returned from lunch. Not soon enough in my opinion. Some tone-deaf person had dropped a handful of quarters into the jukebox, and out of it was blaring this repetitious caterwauling that passes for music these days.

At the same time the waitresses where yelling their orders, plates were rattling, people were shouting to be heard over this awful music, and nobody … NOBODY was actively listening to it.

Is this current generation paranoid about peace and quiet? Do they need to be plugged in — zombie-like –to a noise-making box 24/7? Has Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” come to pass?

I’ve had a brief health disorder for the past week — not sick really, but just off base. However, I adjusted my diet and am feeling much better today.

I guess I have to admit it, the body is getting old. But not the mind. It’s just as juvenile as it has always been! 🙂

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