Time to catch up again…

The weather is a tolerable mix — cool at nights (30s) and warm in the daytime (75 Today).

I have been having a bit of problem with my kidneys, lately. My fluid intake has been overloading my system causing inflammation , which in turn impedes my ability to get rid of it. Consequently, I’ve been popping an ice cube into my mouth every time I feel thirst. That way I keep hydrated, but at only about a teaspoon full at a time. So far, it seems to be helping.

We experienced a drug-bust in the hotel parking lot, the other day. No excitement. Just a lot of cop cars tearing about. Apparently there is a lot of drug activity in the region.

It really is quite remarkable how quiet this place is. Except for the weekends I hardly see a soul walking by all day. It suits me fine, of course, unless it decides to fold while I’m still here. There is another hotel in town with a restaurant, but at what rate I don’t know.

The writing is coming along nicely, though.

More next time.

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