Thank you for asking …

And, yes, I’m feeling much better. Back to normal in most respects — given that give a very wide interpretation to the term ‘normal’.

It’s raining and in the mid-60s today. I was long-headed, though, for I bought myself a rain poncho yesterday. It works just dandy, so I bought on for the walker as well.

It’s the weekend before Christmas, and the heaviest-travelled time of the year. The hotel is also busier than usual, but it looks pretty dead today.

I don’t know why it is, but I always seem to get sick within the first month of coming south. I think it might have something to do with my immune system – usually pretty good – not being used to southern germs.

The restaurant here at the hotel will be closed Christmas day, and so I will climb the hill to have Christmas dinner with the girls at the Waffle House. Actually it’s as good as any other.

I do want to get into town to buy a few items (and look around), but I think I’ll wait until after the holiday season. I’ll watch for some warmer weather, too.

More next time.

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