December 24, 2014

christmas icecycleschristmas icecycleschristmas icecycles

christmas - victorian mansion

christmas - happy holidays

Greetings on this Christmas Eve Day!

We are under a tornado watch at present, but I love the temp – 80. Miind you, it’s forecast to drop to 58 tomorrow.

In spite of the tornado prediction, etc., I toodled up the hill to buy my cranberry juice. It seems to be helping my kidneys, so I can’t think of a more pleasant therapy.

One of the housekeepers, Nanji, brought me in half a cake. She is a delight. About the size of a cricket, she reminds me of Granny Clampett. She has only gear – full speed ahead.

Not much writing been done today as I get all my postings done for Christmas. It is a time for remembering friends and family, and that is what I am doing. I refuse to get caaught up in the commercialism. I think that it cheapens the spirit of the season.

In a few minutes I will wander over to the main lodge for dinner. Not sure what I want, but I never do until I order.

Merry Christmas to all!

christmas - jack in box

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