Fast away the old year passes…

new year champaign

All things considered, 2014 was a pretty good year. Of course, any year you can stay on the right side of the grass is a pretty good year!

My health remained good, and I suppose it was my greatest blessing When your health is good, everything else is so much easier. So my thoughts go out to all those who are coping with a chronic illness. I wish you a cure or strength to bear it.

winter sceneOn the disappointing side, it is another year with the “coming soon” label on my new novel – It is now the 6th year at that status. The difficulty is balancing the mythological with the pragmatic (cattle drive), and having it come out credible.

Moreover, you’re only as good as you’re last novel, so I’d rather take the time up front than the criticism down the road. Nonetheless, I work on it every day at any average of one or two pages, and I am about half way there.

Today is a tad cooler than it has been (67), and tomorrow is forecast at 64 degrees, but on Friday it leaps to 80F. I’ll take it. I really do recommend that if you are planning a vacation south, you should consider getting off the beaten path. Prices are so much cheaper, and the accommodation is generally quite good quality.

The CAD dollar tends to slide. It’s good from business, so they say; however, it’s not doing a helluva lot for my pocket book. $100 USD costs nearly $125 CAD, so it’s a damned good thing I’m saving money on my accommodation.

I spent a very good Christmas. The gals at the Waffle House bought my lunch, and the restaurant gave me a very nice gift card that I will use when they are serving prime rib (Thursdays). Otherwise, I bought a six-pack of beer and worked. Very nice.

The hotel was full for the holidays.  It rained deluge, so it was mostly people coming off the highways – I-95 and I-75. No noise or problems, however, so for the most part they just came and went.

Click on the logo for information on any of my novels.
Click on the logo for information on any of my novels.


More next time.

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