Music and noise … Same thing?


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Temps dropping into the low 30s at night (2C) but with no breeze to speak of it feels warm during the day.

I just returned from lunch. Not soon enough in my opinion. Some tone-deaf person had dropped a handful of quarters into the jukebox, and out of it was blaring this repetitious caterwauling that passes for music these days.

At the same time the waitresses where yelling their orders, plates were rattling, people were shouting to be heard over this awful music, and nobody … NOBODY was actively listening to it.

Is this current generation paranoid about peace and quiet? Do they need to be plugged in — zombie-like –to a noise-making box 24/7? Has Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451” come to pass?

I’ve had a brief health disorder for the past week — not sick really, but just off base. However, I adjusted my diet and am feeling much better today.

I guess I have to admit it, the body is getting old. But not the mind. It’s just as juvenile as it has always been! 🙂

Cool … Comparatively

We are experiencing a cool spell from the north. There is even frost in the forecast.

Mind you, a cool (50s – 60s) here isn’t as cool as on the home front, cool to cool to this old body.

Spent a bad night. I drink a lot of fluids – water mostly – but yesterday I had three or four soda pops as well, so I think I may have over hydrated. I developed a pain in my left side, and was up a down all night, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep.

I’ve cut back on the fluids today, and that seems to help.

It’s a beautifully sunny day, but unless you can find a sheltered spot that north wind has a chill to it. Not sure when it will warm up again.

More next time.


Hello again…

It is an overcast day in Georgia, temps in low 60s, but the good thing is no snow. I only go out of my room for meals, anyway, and I have the thermostat set at 72.
All is well – I’m glad to have the garage roof fixed (even though it cost an arm and leg), but there has been a lot of  rain in the home area this fall. I go for my complimentary coffee and orange juice in the morning (there is powdered eggs and dried-out sausage too, but I by-pass that).
For lunch I wander up the hill to the Waffle House. It is a diner-style with waitresses calling the orders in their own lingo, and everyone else is chatting over wholesome food. It is great fun, and of course, everyone is “darling this” and “sweetie that.” I love it.
Then, for dinner I go to the restaurant here at the hotel. Now that I’ve grown accustomed to it – and they’ve adjusted a few things to suit me – it’s tolerable. The staff is very good. One is Stevie (a gal) who took a bit of getting-used-to, but now we get along famously. The other is Andrew. He’s my favourite by a whisker because I prefer a men’s-club-style experience. 
Needless to say there is nothing exciting to report. It is predicted to be cool (50s & 60s) for the next week, but after that Andrew has offered to take me on a tour of the area. That will give me an opportunity to take some pictures — and try out my new video camera.
Even though I’m not driving, I’m glad to see gasoline prices lower (although they’re still too high). As usual, however, I’m on the losing end of the stick. The CDN dollar is down to 87 cents. One hundred dollars US costs me $120. Still, I’m spared snow and freezing temps.
More next time.

Playing ‘catch-up’ again…

Busy, busy, busy, but I never seem to catch up. It reminds me of that old limerick:

I’m busy doing nothing,

I do it oh so fine.

I’d like to be unhappy,

But I really don’t have the time.

 It’s overcast today, but warm (temps in the 70s). I’d work beside the pool, but unfortunately the glare off the screen makes it almost impossible to see. Nonetheless, I prop the door open to let the outside in.

In a short while I will wander up the hill to the Waffle House for lunch. As I have mentioned before, their food (with the exception of my beloved “Slugger”) is the tastiest for the money of any I have found in the south – a 10 oz steak, tender and beautifully seasoned, for under $10. You just can’t beat it.

The restaurant is pricey, but they do offer an array of cocktails for $1.99. Their shots a small, however, so it’s not a great bargain.

The waitresses keep changing. The one I have currently, nice girl, is a trifle ‘personal’ for my taste. She calls me “handsome” which, at my age and circumstance, is a bit of a stretch.

Last evening she asked me if I had “sweet girl” down here, to which I answered, “Good God, No!”

Which reminds me once again of that saying: ‘How dare you presume I’m straight!’ Nonetheless, in her own way, I’m sure she is just being friendly – I hope!

I did a laundry this morning – three items. To prove how lightly you can pack for six months, my entire wardrobe consists of 3 track pants; two “T” shirts (I forgot my two short-sleeve shirts), socks, and three jackets (heavy, medium and light. When I change, I just rinse out the soiled clothes for next time.

Just before I left, I made arrangements to have the garage roof replaced. The estimate was $4,425, which was fine until the governments got involved with the HST – $575! For those @#$%^! useless, incompetent @#$%^&!, it’s an outrage.

I spend most of my time trying to protect what little I have from thieves and government, and there really isn’t much difference between the two.

More next time.

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