No Snow…

That’s the good news considering what is happening in the North East (particularly Massachusetts.) The got socked, big time – 24” of snow, and 50 m.p.h. winds. Yikes.

Oh, it’s cool here (56 today) but without the wind it is quite comfortable.

I managed to set up an ebill account with hydro, this morning, and after only three or four tries it worked. Therefore, I am away that my bill for January is $311! Outrageous, when you consider my thermostat is set at 15C.

To add insult to Injury, I read that the ‘smart’ meters (costing $2B to install) are burning people’s houses down, and that Ontario is selling off a surplus of power at a 75% discount. How’s that for good government.

I will be wandering over to the restaurant in a few minutes. It’s a huge area, mahogany panelled, and ‘dimly’ lit. I say ‘dimly’ because it’s rather like eating in a cave.

The food is passable, though, ranging for hors d’oeuvres to steaks and prime rib at $25.00 per serving.

I stick to the bottom end of the scale, which is around $8.00. Tonight, I think I’ll order the Tuna Tataki (raw tuna) with Sashimi and seaweed salad. It’s about the tastiest of the dishes, but the Tuna is only about the size of a cigarette package.

I’ve made myself hungry, so I’m off to dinner.

More next time.

An update … Little new

It is a cool, windy day on the outskirts of paradise. It’s a bit tough walking into the wind, but even tougher walking with it. I have to use the brakes on the walker to keep me from ending up in the next county!

This is what they call winter down here (50s – 60s), although I am told this is a remarkably moderate year. Mind you, I’d prefer it to be mid-70s myself.

South-east U.S. seems to be sheltered from the nasty and severely-nasty weather that plagues the rest of the country – especially in mid-west and north-east. Even last winter was the same. There was snow in all 50 States (including Hawaii), but Florida was spared.

The idiots in Ottawa decided to unexpectedly drop the prime interest rate (why? No one seems to know), and so the Cdn dollar took a nose-dive to .80¢ U.S., so $1.00 U.S. now costs about $1.35, including bank charges. It’s outrageous.

I’m waiting for a nice day to go shopping. I forgot to pack my short-sleeve shirts, and I need a haircut – not that such things bother me. Still, it would be nice to get away from the hotel for a spell.

Otherwise, the health remains good, and the writing is progressing. Not today, however: It’s book review day.

More next time.

Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad…

And computers, their ‘oh, so clever service providers’, and governments are their prime agents!

Of all the time I spend on the computer (8 – 12  hours a day), about a third of that time is spent either fussing with it, coping with glitches in Microcrap’s programs, dealing with their gratuitous upgrades, or coping with changes other service providers make.

Take WordPress, for example.

Up until recently it has worked reasonably well, but then it introduced a number of changes that made using it  as awkward as it could possibly be.

The same is true with Microcrap. When things are working reasonably well, they have to fuss with it until it becomes a jumble, and then they are quite content.

Why they can’t leave well-enough alone, I have no idea!


The problem with government is that: 1) It can’t lead; 2) It won’t follow; and 3) It won’t get to hell out of the way.

Recent changes have limited the stay in the US to 120 days. That basically means I will be a ‘felon’ come May 1st for 6 days. The only other way around it is to pay a fee to change my flight reservations to something within the 120-day limited. Grrr!

Harper and his buffoons didn’t raise an objection when the travel insurance companies raised their prices by 60% in one year. Likewise, they’re quite content to let the dollar drop to $83-cents, and let the banks add their hideous bank charges, but having seen I find some enjoyment in escaping winter, they are quick to limit that.

Albeit, it’s a beautiful day – sunny and 68. However, like the government it’s bound to change for the worse toward the end of the week.

More next time.

Another day on the outskirts of paradise…

I hate microcrap!
I hate microcrap!

So far this day I got up, went for breakfast, and then spent the rest of the morning fussing with the challenges Microcrap had scheduled for the day!

Did I tell you that the other day it wiped out all my personal settings, which I am only now recovering in bits and pieces? It’s an outrage considering the amount of money we are forced to spend on shoddy and indifferent workmanship.

We are presently going through a cool spell – nighttime temps in 40s, and daytime temps in the 50s and 60s. Tolerable, I guess, considering it’s 10F back home, but uncomfortable just the same.

I had a run-in with the restaurant the other day. I ordered two drinks of Frangelico (an organic based liqueur), but didn’t notice the price until the bill was presented — $8.00 per drink. What the bar tender had done was to charge for both the liqueur and the pineapple juice base.

Now, considering I spend about $500 per month at this over-priced establishment, you’d think she could have waved the price of the mix, but that would have required some thought. Ergo, I won’t be ordering Frangelico again.

Depending on the weather, I may be going into town next week. My friend Andrew has kindly offered to chauffeur me around the various spots of interest. That should make for some interesting photos as well, but it depends on the weather.

I’m scheduled for a trip to the barber pretty soon, anyway. I’m getting to that ‘shaggy’ point, and I also need a number of other things as well. Regrettably, Walmart is the answer.

More next time.

Greetings from the chilly south…

winter in florida

I decided to use this graphic again because it describes the conditions in the south this morning. Last night the temp dropped to 26F, and has only managed to rise to 41 as a daytime high. Add to this a 15 to 20 mph wind, and it is cool, cool, cool.

Microcrap has struck again. Tuesday, I spent an entire day sorting through a mess it created. As is it wont, it arbitrarily decided to change thins around, and so I ended up with the toolbar on the left hand side of the screen — about the most awkward location it could be. In addition, it reconfigured my Google Chrome account so that I lost all of my settings. I am still sorting this out.

It is one thing to wast time, but it is quite another to have time wasted for you — Especially when you are paying for it at the same time.

Otherwise, there is nothing to report, so I’ll try for next time.

Happy ‘post New Year’

I hope you all had a happy holiday season. It was pleasant but quiet here at the hotel. A lot of people travelling and coming in off the highway. The cheaper price of gasoline helps, too.

We are under a severe storm warning just now, but the temp is upwards of 80. My kind of warm! I have the door open to let the breeze come in.

In spite of the warning, I made it up the hill for brunch without getting my tail feathers wet. I don’t mind a shower, but my rain poncho isn’t lightning resistant, and it’s about a 500-yard walk if I do get caught.

It’s scandalous how shoddy the workmanship is these days. I bought a Sony Handycorder so that I could share some videos on this page. To begin, the controls are so cramped that you are always bumping into the wrong button. Moreover, while it takes quite nice images, these aren’t in a format that the computer will accept.

I wasted a full half-day trying to figure out how to convert these to MPEG or GIF, and when I finally did they were like watching a Charlie Chaplin movie. So much for a $274 camera.

winter in floridaStarting tomorrow, the temp is expected to fall rather dramatically. Tomorrow’s forecast is 61, and by Wednesday it drops to 42. Okay, I know it’s not minus, but for me it’s cold. My comfort range starts at 72.

More next time.