Happy ‘post New Year’

I hope you all had a happy holiday season. It was pleasant but quiet here at the hotel. A lot of people travelling and coming in off the highway. The cheaper price of gasoline helps, too.

We are under a severe storm warning just now, but the temp is upwards of 80. My kind of warm! I have the door open to let the breeze come in.

In spite of the warning, I made it up the hill for brunch without getting my tail feathers wet. I don’t mind a shower, but my rain poncho isn’t lightning resistant, and it’s about a 500-yard walk if I do get caught.

It’s scandalous how shoddy the workmanship is these days. I bought a Sony Handycorder so that I could share some videos on this page. To begin, the controls are so cramped that you are always bumping into the wrong button. Moreover, while it takes quite nice images, these aren’t in a format that the computer will accept.

I wasted a full half-day trying to figure out how to convert these to MPEG or GIF, and when I finally did they were like watching a Charlie Chaplin movie. So much for a $274 camera.

winter in floridaStarting tomorrow, the temp is expected to fall rather dramatically. Tomorrow’s forecast is 61, and by Wednesday it drops to 42. Okay, I know it’s not minus, but for me it’s cold. My comfort range starts at 72.

More next time.

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