Greetings from the chilly south…

winter in florida

I decided to use this graphic again because it describes the conditions in the south this morning. Last night the temp dropped to 26F, and has only managed to rise to 41 as a daytime high. Add to this a 15 to 20 mph wind, and it is cool, cool, cool.

Microcrap has struck again. Tuesday, I spent an entire day sorting through a mess it created. As is it wont, it arbitrarily decided to change thins around, and so I ended up with the toolbar on the left hand side of the screen — about the most awkward location it could be. In addition, it reconfigured my Google Chrome account so that I lost all of my settings. I am still sorting this out.

It is one thing to wast time, but it is quite another to have time wasted for you — Especially when you are paying for it at the same time.

Otherwise, there is nothing to report, so I’ll try for next time.

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