Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad…

And computers, their ‘oh, so clever service providers’, and governments are their prime agents!

Of all the time I spend on the computer (8 – 12  hours a day), about a third of that time is spent either fussing with it, coping with glitches in Microcrap’s programs, dealing with their gratuitous upgrades, or coping with changes other service providers make.

Take WordPress, for example.

Up until recently it has worked reasonably well, but then it introduced a number of changes that made using it  as awkward as it could possibly be.

The same is true with Microcrap. When things are working reasonably well, they have to fuss with it until it becomes a jumble, and then they are quite content.

Why they can’t leave well-enough alone, I have no idea!


The problem with government is that: 1) It can’t lead; 2) It won’t follow; and 3) It won’t get to hell out of the way.

Recent changes have limited the stay in the US to 120 days. That basically means I will be a ‘felon’ come May 1st for 6 days. The only other way around it is to pay a fee to change my flight reservations to something within the 120-day limited. Grrr!

Harper and his buffoons didn’t raise an objection when the travel insurance companies raised their prices by 60% in one year. Likewise, they’re quite content to let the dollar drop to $83-cents, and let the banks add their hideous bank charges, but having seen I find some enjoyment in escaping winter, they are quick to limit that.

Albeit, it’s a beautiful day – sunny and 68. However, like the government it’s bound to change for the worse toward the end of the week.

More next time.

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